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Deadlines for 2010 Show

  • June 1: Artists Application Available (Jewelry spots limited)
  • July 19: Artists Application Due
  • July 25: Artist Acceptance Letters sent
  • August 9: Artist photo for postcard and bio due (digitally)
  • October 24: Artist site visit/pick up postcards Sunday, 2-4 PM
  • November 14: The 4th Annual Artist for a Cause show – Sunday, 10-4.

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On Sunday morning flick you dials, or tune in your digital radio, to AM News Talk 590KTIE from 9.30 – 10am. Let’s go Shopping With Bev is broadcasting an interview with Jennifer Ali and there will be a mention of her latest, upcoming show, our show,… Artists For A Cause on Sunday 15th November. Thanks Jennifer and Bev.

Wow, its only a week away. Happy making everyone.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

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It was great meeting the artists who were able to come to Adele’s house yesterday. Many thanks for coming out on a Sunday afternoon.

Finally we’ve set up our own email address: artistsforacause@gmail.com

We will start using it but this year’s artists please feel free to use the email addresses you were already using.

I can’t believe its only 5 weeks and 6 days away – I don’t mean to panic anyone.

But I think we will be meeting up at Art For Heaven’s Sake in 10 days time.

Happy making everyone.

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